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A great indicator that gives you powerful free signals on all currencies – Auto Trade Fusion Forex Signals


If you are looking for free forex signals, in this topic you can download a wonderful indicator that gives you free Signals and works on all currency pairs. It is the Auto Trade Fusion Forex Signals indicator. During the next few minutes, you will learn how to use this indicator in the best way and how to increase Your winning deals, God willing.

In this indicator, the most important area on the chart is the upper part from the right side, if you find this part is empty, this means that currently there are no Signals, but if there is a new signal at the present time, either Sell Signal will appear or Buy Signal. You will also see Entry Point, Stop Loss and Take Profit on the chart, as shown in the picture. All you have to do is take this data and open a new position with it.


A great indicator that gives you powerful free signals on all currencies - Auto Trade Fusion Forex Signals


This indicator also gives you an alert that appears on the platform as soon as there is a new signal, and this message contains all the data of that signal.

Indicator features

Currency Pairs: All currency pairs
Timeframes: M5, M15, M30, H1, and H4

This indicator works more efficiently on time frames, from the 5-minute frame to the four-hour frame, as it will give you high-precision signals. You can also benefit from it in scalping deals, as it works on small frames starting from the M5 frame.


How to use

Once you open the indicator, check all the indicated time frames, and when there is a signal on one of these frames, an alert will appear from the indicator with the signal data, and in the event that two signals for the same currency pair appear on two different frames, you can open the two deals for each signal or open the larger frame deal.

After opening the deal, the signal may disappear from the chart. This does not mean closing the deal, but continuing with the deal that you opened until its end.

In the event that there are no trades on any time frame, choose a different currency pair and try the indicator on it until you get a signal, if there are still no trades for any pair, wait a few minutes and then try the indicator again as we have previously explained.



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